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One of my favourite sports is extreme ironing, which combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.

Here is a picture gallery of me, the iron, and the board at Mt. Koli.

(And here's a picture of one of our professors eXtreme Ironing at my (otherwise very serious) doctoral defense. Now, that's some cool-headed action sports!)


I recently put on my best alter ego and went to the railway station to pick up my friends. Hence, a Penguin Story.

In the year 2005 Santa didn't have the time to visit our department's christmas party, so Pengu was substituting for him. Here's a picture and another of Pengu and Pengu's little helper wishing merry merry christmas to everyone at our department. (In Finland Christmas is Christmas and there's no PC to it.)

Photographer Paula Myöhänen's portfolio has the best pictures ever taken of me.


Here's the poster that advertised my defense, designed by a mysterious group called jujuilro.

Here are the instructions for USB stick raid. Everyone wants one!

It seems that my most quoted article is the one above. Read more about that.

Other Hobbies

Music (I majored in the contra bass & the piano), movies, reading, badminton, weightlifting, reading more, boxing, all fun things.

PGP Public Key

Here's my PGP Public Key. You'll need it if I send you some serious stuff that needs to be signed digitally.

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